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Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy is EVENT Driven and not Time or Date Driven. Once an event (like ordering uniforms) has occurred we will not be able to process full amount refunds. That date will vary from season to season just as the due dates for league and county fees. If you are unsure if an event has already occurred please contact us.



-100% Refund prior to Uniforms being ordered. This may happen approximately a month before the first practice.

-Once the Uniforms have been ordered we will process refunds minus $85.

-Once the Uniforms have been ordered -and- the league fees have been paid we will process your refund minus $85 Uniform Fee, $25 FCPRD fee, $40 Newtown Park League Fee. (Total Non-Refundable of $150)

-Once the regular season games begin NO REFUNDS Will be processed.